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Maryland - USA

About Overcomers Care International

OVERCOMERS CARE INTERNATIONAL INC., is a Non-Profit Corporation that operate exclusively for humanitarian and charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future Federal tax code. The purpose of the organization is to come to the aid of disadvantaged social strata like: refugees, homeless persons, physically and mentally challenged individuals, victims of human right abuses, orphans, widows, elderly and ex-felons. The organization undertakes to improve their quality of life and living conditions through prayers, training, and development in some useful economic activities for continuous subsistence; counseling, monetary contributions, and/or in-kind donations. The organization also identifies the targeted persons and opportunities while working through the implementation of the projects and/ or activities to make them autonomous through a participatory approach.

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We care for the Disadvantaged

Empoweing Widows
Standing with the Elderly
The Disadvantaged

We create solutions for Portable drinking water

Overcomers Care Int’l – Niger
The Republic of Niger is a West African country, located between Algeria, Libya, Chad, Nigeria, Beni...
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Assisting the Widows
Overcomers Care International with it’s short existence has done marvelous things for communities. C...
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Training Volunteers and Creating Jobs
Overcomers Care International has created many jobs to especially IDPs running away from the war reg...
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Promoting Talents
Portable Water for communities
Overcomers Care International with it’s short existence has done marvelous things for communities. C...
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Back to School Campaign
Our works/Services have so far been focused on the Needy and the Underprivileged persons i.e Orphans...
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Our Team of Volunteers

Martin M. Nkwain
Chief Executive Officer

Mai Meh Patience
Pioneer National President - Cameroon

Salamatou Maman Djibo
National President - Niger

Dr. Penyia Elvis C.
Organizing Secretary General

Our statistics

Quarters Assisted
IDPs supported
Water Catchments constructed
Grinding mills to quarters