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Maryland - USA

Mai Meh Patience

On June 7th 2021, God spoke through the CEO (Mgr. Martin M. Nkwain) of Overcomers Care International and he appointed Manager Patience Mai Meh as the National President of “ARISE AND SHINE – SEMBONG”. Fine here attached the appointment decision.

Known for her pro-activeness, intelligence, love for all, love of God and managerial gift, the appointment has been welcomed by many. President Patience shall head this position henceforth.

It should be noted that “Arise and Shine – Sembong” is an organ of Overcomers Care International Inc. It is a self-help family group with objectives to promoting talents, helping each other. envisaging and supporting quarters and village development in areas like building water catchment points for portable drinkable water, hall projects, renewable energy and more.

“Arise and Shine – Sembong” looks up to creating opportunities for its members, the needy, the physically and mentally challenged persons.

With the USA based Mgr. Martin M. Nkwain at the helm, all are taking off in the right pace. He has today June 7th authorized and furnished the creation of an Account at the MmeCCUL starting it with a self donated sum of 1,000,000FCFA (approx $2,200.00).

Congratulations for taking up this responsibility Mgr Patience Mai Meh.