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Maryland - USA

Assisting the Widows

Overcomers Care International with it’s short existence has done marvelous things for communities. Charity begins at home as it goes, Bafmeng has been the first beneficiary of Overcomers Care International. We thank the CEO/Founder Martin M. Nkwain.

    1. All 10 Quarter Unions in Bafmeng village received in the first quarter of this year 2021 a developmental support of 100,000FCFA ($200) each (a total of approx $2000)
    2. The need for Portable drinking water is the cry of the Bafmeng ommunity and many communities around the world. On March 24th, 2021, Martin M. Nkwain (CEO of Overcomers Care Int’l),during the IMODUM Annual Congress held in Yaounde – Cameroon, donated the sum of 1 000 000FCFA (approx. $2000)for the construction of a Water Point in Imo quarter for the community.
    3. Many Appeal Letters from the Bafmeng Community have been looked into and assisted by Overcomers Care International, such as cases like MCDA Bamenda, ICUDU etc.
    4. Fight against Covid-19 is one of the areas overcomers in working on. The war against Covid-19 with the mass production of Face masks is in process and to be distributed free of charge to communities.
  • Arise and Shine – Sembong being self-help arm of Overcomers Care International, talents have been promoted in many forms and we have our Gospel Singer Glorious Mispa and Don Ernest being the stepping stone to promoting talents in the Bafmeng Community.